Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2012

I.      Call to order


Fred Welch, President called to order the annual meeting of the Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association at 12:07 PM  on January 11, 2012 in the conference room of the Friendly’s Restaurant at 4705 N Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC.

II.      Moment of remembrance

A moment of silence was observed for past member golfers.

III.      Roll call

Gary Amidon, Secretary had members sign in as they arrived. The following persons were present:

Gary Amidon, Secretary                                             Officers and Reps not present:

Don Clark, Carolina Shores                                        Bob Cantwell, Black Bear

Gary Crumbling, Southcreek                                      Jack Davison, Arrowhead

John DeBona, Debona’s Nomads                               Jim Fox, Vice-President,Myrtlewood

Lefty Gomes, Assistant Rules Chairman                    Ed Kobierowski, Brunswick

George Griffin, Treasurer                                           John Olson, Rules Chairman

Fredi Hohorst, River Hills                                          John Stokley, Long Bay

Lewis Hunt

Mitch Jordan, Island Green

Curt Miel

Jerry Nadley, River Oaks

Roger Reid, Aberdeen

Dave Salisch, Tournament Coordinator, Sea Trail

John Webb, Nominating Committee

Fred Welch, President, Bay Tree

Ed Wilson, Indigo Creek


IV.      Approval of minutes from last meeting


Fred Welch, President waived the reading of minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as presented on the website.





V.      Treasurer’s Report

Income/Expenses 2011

Income                                                Actual             Budget                        Variance to Budget


Checkbook Balance                $  291

Tournament fees                     $4528              $4000              +$528

Total                                        $4819




Proximity Prizes                      $2005              $2000              +$5

Administration                        $1063              $1500              -$437

Annual Meeting                      $  193              $  200              -$7

TOC Prizes                              $1050  Checkbook balance less than $300


Balance to 2012                      $  508


Budget 2012




Beginning Balance                  $  508

Tournament Fees(70 x 50)      $3500

Total                                        $4008




Proximity Prizes(40x50)         $2000

Administrative                                    $1100

Annual Meeting                      $  200

TOC Prizes                                          Checkbook balance less than $300

Total                                        $3300


VI.      Agenda issues

a) Dress Code- John Debona led a discussion regarding the proper dress

regardless of what a particular course may allow during the year.  Dave Salisch

                  stated our rules should be set at a higher standard.  Mitch Jordan felt there should       be no denim. George Griffin stated it is addressed in the revised rules and

                  regulations which would be voted on later in the meeting.


b) Recordable Votes- It was discussed and determined that officers, tournament directors, appointed positions and recognizable volunteers were eligible to vote.  A motion was made and seconded to accept. 


c) Survey results- Gary Amidon stated that 195 surveys were emailed out by

Dave Salisch. We received back 64. Fred Welch indicated that since the return

was only one third of those sent out, it appears that most members are satisfied.



                  2 sleeves of balls:                          31 yes  33 no

                  1 sleeve of better balls:     25 yes  39 no

                  Gift card                           29 yes  35 no


Discussion: Due to the split of this particular item there was considerable discussion over how to select better balls that members would agree upon and still fall within the budget. Gift cards had merits if there was no expiration date. It was decided to defer this item for a year or possibly set up a committee for further study.



                  Leave as is by tee position:           57 yes   7 no


Discussion: Although a majority of members are satisfied to leave as is, there were comments on setting guidelines with a combination of index and age to determine tee position.  It was decided not to make any changes except setting up criteria for a Super Senior tee position that was put in the rules later in the meeting.


                  Prize Money:

                  Leave as is:                                    56 yes   8 no


                  Preferred Lies:

                  Leave as is:                                    54 yes 10 no


Discussion: The 10 wanting changes were to have a “root rule” with a free drop instead of taking a penalty for an unplayable lie. This was discussed but the board feels this is outside USGA rules. The board does acknowledge that at one course Carolina Shores, the free drop from a root is their local rule.  Preferred lies stay as is, meaning only in your own fairway, unless otherwise indicated the day of the tournament by the tournament director.



                  Tournament of Champions:

                  Leave as is:                                    63 yes   1 no


                  Discussion:  The venue for 2012 has not been determined yet.




                  Other ideas to improve league:

Some of the comments were to eliminate some of the weaker courses.  The President pointed out that due to the changing environment along the Grand Strand we have been able to get better courses during “prime time”. This year there are only three “weaker” courses left in the spring. Also the board wanted to show loyalty to the courses that allowed us to play when others would not.

Comments regarding the distance to  courses was disregarded because one person’s hour drive maybe someone else’s 5 minute drive.  The Strand is just too spread out.  Also comments to pick up after 3 over, double par, etc. were disregarded as not “tournament” golf.



d) By-law and rule changes- George Griffin presented revised by-laws and rules to help clarify language and change certain rules. Since the revised rules and regulations will be shown on the website, if approved, the following were the highlights and most discussed items:

-Representatives of the players will be considered Player Reps. not Club reps.

and their duties are clarified.

-The Preferred Lies rule was revised to show both “lift, clean and place” and “rolling the ball” in your own fairway as viable options.

-Gold and White tees can be changed at any time except not on tournament day.  Abuse of this will be monitored by the Tournament Coordinator/Scorer.

-A dress code has been established; golfers are expected to dress in golf appropriate attire, jeans, cut-off pants and tee shirts are not acceptable.

-Cell phones should only be used on the course for emergency situations.  Cell phones used for GPS purposes are allowable, as long as voice usage is for emergencies only.

-Criteria for a Super Senior group were outlined.  A combination of an Index and age that equals or is greater than 100 was established.


A motion was made and seconded to accept the revised Rules and Regulations.


Further discussion took place concerning the Super Senior group. Even though guidelines were accepted, we have to still see who is interested in “moving” up. Player reps. will be asked to start collecting birthdates and those eligible will be made aware of their option.


e) Pace of Play- Lefty Gomes recommended the association purchase a USGA Pace of Play brochure which also addresses golf etiquette for $.50 each.  After discussion it was determined not to purchase.  However pace of play is an issue and we will continue to have the Tournament Director  stress it each week.


f) Rule changes- Lefty Gomes reviewed the recent changes made by the USGA. The rules have not changed that much but changes most likely to affect us were made in Rules 1-2, 18-2b and 13-4.  More detail on the rules can be found at  The essence of the rule is if your ball moves after address due to a gust of wind, there is no penalty and you play from the new position.  The other rule permits a player to smooth sand or soil in a hazard at any time before playing from a hazard provided it is for the sole purpose of caring for the course.


g) Other discussion- Ed Wilson addressed a concern over unraked bunkers and playing from footprints. Members basically agreed that you would have to play from a footprint but a crevice i.e. due to rain, may be considered an abnormal condition and might be a free drop in the bunker.  A player should check with his foursome.


Gary Crumling mentioned one of our members; Bill McGeown was fighting for his life and should be in our prayers.


We have added pictures to the website. Mitch Jordan requested we get pictures of the winners.


John Webb addressed “pace of play” and mentioned we should be enforcing the 45 minute rule.


Gary Amidon and Dave Salisch will combine efforts to put the GSSMGA on Facebook.


h) Nomination of officers- Due to health reasons, Jimmy Fox is resigning as Vice-President, but will continue to stay active as needed and continue on as a Tournament Director. The President and Board thanked Jimmy for his service.  The nominating committee of John Webb and Eric Pope presented Mitch Jordan for Vice-President.  Incumbents: Fred Welch, President, George Griffin, Treasurer, and Gary Amidon, Secretary agreed to stay on. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the nominees.


Meeting adjourned at 2:20 PM.