Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2013

I.      Call to order


Mitch Jordan, Vice-President called to order the annual meeting of the Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association at 12:00 PM  on January 9, 2013 in the conference room of the Friendly’s Restaurant at 4705 N Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC.

II.      Moment of remembrance

A moment of silence was observed for past member golfers and most recently Don Clark and Bill Getler.  George Griffin read a Thank you note from the Clark family for a memorial donation from the GSSMGA.

III.      Roll call


Gary Amidon, Secretary had members sign in as they arrived. The following persons were present in alphabetical order:


Gary Amidon, Secretary                                             Officers and Reps not present:

Jere Arnold

Gary Crumling, Myrtle Beach National                      Bob Cantwell, Black Bear

John DeBona, Debona’s Nomads                               Jack Davison, Arrowhead      

Lefty Gomes, Assistant Rules Chairman                    Ed Eaton, The Guys

George Griffin, Treasurer                                           Ed Kobierowski, Brunswick

Fredi Hohorst, River Hills                                          Jerry Nadley, River Oaks

Lewis Hunt                                                                 John Stokley, Long Bay

Mitch Jordan, Vice-President/Island Green               Fred Welch, President, Bay Tree

Charles Naspinski, Aberdeen                                     

John Olson, Rules Chairman/Bogey Busters             

Ken Rheault, Carolina Shores                                                

Dave Salisch, Tournament Coordinator, Sea Trail

Ed Wilson, Indigo Creek


Mitch Jordan requested that all those present, introduce themselves and state their representation if applicable.

IV.      Approval of minutes from last meeting


Mitch Jordan, requested a motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the last meeting.  Dave Salisch moved to waive the reading and John DeBona seconded. The minutes were approved as presented on the website.

V.      Treasurer’s Report

Income/Expenses 2012

Income                                                Actual             Budget                       


Balance forward                     $  508

Tournament fees                     $4752              $3500             

Treasurer fee-deposit              $  130

Prize Fund redeposit               $  732             

Total                                        $6122




CTP Golf Balls                       $1825              $2000             

Administration                        $1452              $1100             

Annual Meeting                      $  212              $  200             

Other expense                         $   50               $   50

TOC Prizes                              $2080 

Total                                        $5619


Balance to 2013                      $  503


Budget 2013




Beginning Balance                  $  503

Tournament Fees(90 x 50)      $4500

Total                                        $5003




Proximity Prizes(40x50)         $1800

Administrative                                    $1400

Annual Meeting                      $  225

Other expense                         $  200

TOC Prizes                              *****  Checkbook balance less than $300

Total                                        $.   00


VI.      Scorer’s Report- Dave Salisch


a)   Rounds are being tracked closer now by course and individual. This helps to give courses more accurate numbers as well as overall interest in particular courses. 5291 rounds have been registered.  We have 360 players on our active roster which includes 120 new players.  This is attributed to advertising and improvement in the quality of courses played. 


b) Super Senior program has 50 eligible golfers. We have some who have declared to play and then go back to the senior tees.  If we can get enough to play at once we can have a separate flight. The most at one event to date is 5. Discussion suggested lowering requirements.  It was agreed to have the TD announce it at events and remind people that might be eligible to give their birth dates to reps. We can’t force people to move.


          VII.      Voting Items-Issues previously submitted with a plan to be voted upon.


a) Tribute to Don Clark- Dave Salisch reported how much Don Clark had meant to the league. He was Tournament Director for a dozen tournaments every year and represented over 100 members. Don had previously been involved with another organization for 13 to 14 years which became defunct and then came over to the Grand Strand. Dave Salisch moved to rename the Tournament of Champions to “The Don Clark Memorial Tournament of  Champions”.  John Olson seconded.  It was passed unanimously.


b) Addendum to by-laws-George Griffin presented a change to Article VII. The annual January meeting will include all voting volunteers i.e. Executive committee, player representatives, tournament directors, nomination committee and any other appointed volunteers by the executive board.  The meeting is open to all but only the voting members will have their lunch paid. Dave Salisch moved to pass changes, George Griffin seconded,  it was passed unanimously.


 Article V will be amended to change to “3 or more flights” and to eliminate the number “6”.  Ed Wilson moved to accept changes, Dave Salisch seconded, it was passed unanimously.


c)  Revised TOC guidelines-Dave Salisch presented the following guidelines for the Tournament of Champions:


Since both Gross and Net winners are eligible:


- Qualifiers will usually exceed 144 players

- Qualifiers should receive commemoration for qualifying

            -Proposal – Bag Tag(Sample shown at meeting)

-A fair means to cull the field to 144 is needed-proposal as follows:

-Here are the steps to be used:

            - Multiple wins (sorted by number of wins)

            - Individual winners

            -Rounds played during current year

            -Rounds played lifetime(max 300)


            (Rounds calculation comes from system, so NC, DQ, or DNF rounds do not count)

It was also proposed to give all of the 2012 qualifiers a bag tag.


John Olson moved to accept guidelines and bag tags as presented.  Ken Rheault seconded, the motion was unanimously approved.

       VIII.      General Discussion


- Mitch Jordan, Vice-president commented on the tremendous job that Dave Salisch is doing.  It was also pointed out that if an event is rained out Dave does not receive any pay even though he has prepared all the weekly sheets, etc.  A suggestion was made to increase Dave’s pay or pay him for rained out events.  Dave said neither is necessary.  The Board thanks Dave for all his hard work.


-Suggestions were made to pay for the TOC entry fees, discussed but thought to be too costly.  Other suggestions to charge a league entry fee for new members or charge an additional $1.00 per week to build up the treasurer’s fund. Most voting members felt this would not be popular with playing members.


-Courses should be giving gift certificates with no less than a 1 year expiration date.  These certificates are already paid for and in many instances the merchandise in the pro shops is limited and gift certificate holders should have the opportunity to come back at a later date. It was agreed the Tournament Directors should notify the Pro at their course either the day of the event or in the contract.


-A member proposed having a match play tournament with the stroke play tournament. Dave Salisch advised that rules between a match play and stroke play cannot be intermingled. What happens with a foursome stays within the foursome.


-There are too many last minute cancellations and additions. You can let Dave know until he’s given the TD the packet normally by Friday, after that members should contact their rep. or the TD with any additions or cancellations. Reps. telling members to “just show up” is frowned upon, they should notify the TD of any additions.


-Pace of play was again addressed as something we continually have to keep reminding our members.

             IX.      Nomination and election of officers:


The nominating committee of Ed Kobierowski and Jeff Adams had no new candidates and recommended the current slate of officers.  Dave Salisch moved to accept the current officers and John DeBona seconded.


Gary Amidon moved to adjourn the meeting, Dave Salisch seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 1:35 PM.