Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association

Annual Meeting Minutes


January 8, 2014



I.    Call to order


Fred Welch called the annual meeting of the Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association to order at 12:01 PM on January 8, 2014 in the conference room of the Friendly’s Restaurant at 4705 N Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC.


II. Moment of remembrance

A moment of silence was observed for past member golfers and most recently Eric Pope, Rick Tarrant, Bob Hathaway, Jack Elliott and Tim Miller who passed away.          

III. Roll call


Gary Amidon, Secretary had members sign in as they arrived.  Eighteen persons were present in alphabetical order: (PR=Player representative, TD=Tournament Director)


Gary Amidon, Secretary/TD                                       Player Representatives not present:

Jere Arnold, TD                                                          Bob Cantwell

Ed Carney                                                                   Gary Crumling(Sent rep.)      

John DeBona, PR/TD                                                 Jack Davison

Ed Eaton, PR                                                              Ed Kobierowski

Phil Evich, TD                                                            John Stokley

Bill Flickinger, TD

Lefty Gomes, Assistant Rules Chairman                   

George Griffin, Treasurer                                          

Bill Harbin

Lewis Hunt, representing Gary Crumling, PR/TD

Mitch Jordan, Vice-President/PR/TD            

Charles Naspinski, PR/TD                             

Stan Rifkin, TD

John Olson, Rules Chairman/PR/TD             

Ken Rheault, PR/TD                                      

Dave Salisch, Tournament Coordinator/PR/TD

Fred Welch, President, PR/TD


Fred Welch went around the room introducing those present and their representation, if applicable. The President also commented that the Secretary Gary Amidon was considering leaving his Secretary position because he may travel more in 2014 and wouldn’t be able to send in the scores and CTP’s to the paper weekly.  John Olson volunteered to act as back-up if needed when Gary is away.



IV.  Approval of minutes from last meeting


Dave Salisch made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the last meeting.                                                                                        John Olson seconded the motion. It passed unanimously. The minutes were approved as presented on the website.

V.   Treasurer’s Report

Income/Expenses 2013

Income                                                            Budget                        Actual


Balance forward                                 $  300              $  503

Tournament fees                                 $ 4500             $4419             


Total                                                                            $4922




CTP Golf Balls                                   $ 2000             $1729             

Administration                                    $ 1100             $1141             

Annual Meeting                                  $  200              $  170             

Other expense(Bag tags)                     $      0              $   693(Two Years)

TOC Prizes                                          See Note*       $  991


Total                                                                            $ 4724


Checkbook balance to 2014                                        $  197 


Budget 2014




Beginning Balance from 2013            $  300

Tournament Fees(90 x 50)                  $ 4500


Total                                                    $ 4800




Golf balls for CTP Prizes (40x50)      $ 2200

Administrative                                                $ 1400

Annual Meeting                                  $   200

Other expense (Bag Tags)                   $   300            

TOC Prizes                  See Note*       < $300


Total                                                    $ 4100


*Note: All cash left over is paid out for the Tournament of Champions prizes so checkbook balance is less than $300.



Jere Arnold questioned if we had enough money in the treasury.  George Griffin also commented that maybe we needed to add $1.00 per round.  Fred Welch commented that the $6.00 add on fee to each tournament was enough.  John DeBona thought .50 per player should be added to compensate Dave Salisch more for his Scorer duties.  Dave said this would not be necessary.  Also Dave reminded everyone that whatever money is leftover in the treasury with the exception of the “less than $300” is paid out at the Tournament of Champions, which is why the number of positions paid and the prizes paid out is considerably more than the weekly tournament.


John DeBona moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, Phil Evich seconded the motion and it carried.


VI.  Scorer’s Report- Dave Salisch


a) Schedule for 2014 is complete except for October Diamondback date and Myrtle Beach National date in December.  Tournament directors needed for Brierwood (if it doesn’t close), 2nd Wild Wing date and Tradition in September.  John Olson volunteered for Brierwood and Bill Flickinger took Tradition. Stan Rifkin mentioned that Jack Davison may take Tradition tournament.


Mitch Jordan brought up that if we paid a higher price we could get some courses that we had in the past.  The max we pay now is $35.00 plus the $6.00 prize money.  Jere Arnold, a snowbird thought the maximum of $41.00 was especially reasonable since they don’t get to participate in some of the local “specials”.  Comments were made concerning eliminating less desirable courses.  Dave pointed out that he tracks the number of players that register for each event which helps to determine the less popular courses and for the most part they are gone.  It was decided to leave as is. Distance to the course was also discussed, i.e. Founders Club.  This year we had a weather issue so the numbers were down, but it normally draws a good number.  It was brought up that Wedgefield is in great shape if we need another course, even though the drive is long.


b)  Dave Salisch commented that an updated Tournament Director’s list has been emailed out.  If a player wants to cancel he needs to contact his representative.  The representative should contact Dave and the Tournament Director.  If Dave hasn’t finalized the reports for the Tournament he can make the adjustment, if he has already passed on the information to the TD, then the TD will make the adjustment.


c)  There are 40 players eligible for the Super Seniors but only 2 to 3 play each week. Dave mentioned there is a Tab on the website which indicates a player’s combined age and index.  We need Tournament Directors and Player Representatives to sell it so we can get a Super Senior Flight.  There may be more but we are missing birth dates for some players.  George Griffin asked if someone could try it and go back. Dave commented that it was no different than the white and gold tees where players can go back and forth as long as they do so by Wednesday prior to the Monday Tournament.  Jere Arnold asked if it would result in slower play, it was agreed that it may actually speed up play due to the shorter yardage.


Fred Welch commented that the web site is excellent and we need to keep encouraging players to use it.



VII.   Voting Items-Issues previously submitted with a plan to be voted upon.


a) Suspension and/or cancellation of tournament after play has begun:


Fred Welch stated that 6 tournaments were cancelled in 2013 due to weather.  The

problem is once the Tournament has started, how do players know it is cancelled.

Ken Rheault asked if there were complaints.  Gary Amidon said he had a complaint at Rivers Edge where rain checks were given out so he assumed the tournament was cancelled when in effect it wasn’t.  Also Fred Welch commented concerning the Hackler where the tournament was not cancelled but everyone except for 4 players left and they were awarded the prizes.  If a tournament is not cancelled but everyone in your foursome leaves and you want to keep playing, try to combine with other players that are still there. It was agreed that the rain checks given out are up to the course regardless of whether the Tournament is cancelled or not.  Charlie Naspinski made a motion that the Tournament Director decides if a Tournament is cancelled or not.  Dave Salish seconded the motion. During discussion, if the Tournament is cancelled it is up to the TD to notify the Pro Shop and pass the word through the players.  The motion was voted on and passed.


b) Late fee, $1, for tournament day additions:


It was brought up that one of the hardest jobs for the Tournament Director is the Additions and Subtractions of players.  Guest walk-ons have no status.  If they want to play, they may not be able to play with their host.  Players constantly calling on Sunday must be instructed they cannot continue.  Mitch Jordan made a motion that a $1.00 walk on fee should be charged and paid to the Tournament Director for anyone just showing up on Tournament day without notifying anyone previously. John Olson seconded the motion.  The motion was carried.


c) The Use of a Caddie:


A member asked to bring a caddie at the TOC.  The committee does not approve caddies, only players can be on the course.  Ken Rheault made a motion that no non-players can be on the course during a tournament. Ed Eaton seconded, it was voted on and carried.


d) An additional tournament for non-qualifiers:


George Griffin suggested a Stableford tournament on a different day than Monday for non TOC qualifiers and additional revenue.  Fred Welch commented that every week is for non-qualifiers.  Dave Salisch stated that about ½ of the members don’t qualify for the TOC.  Mitch Jordan did not feel the idea had any merit.  Stan Rifkin made a motion to table it for a later date.  Dave Salisch seconded, it was voted and carried.

VIII.  General Discussion


a. Confirm contact with course 6 months before the tournament date:


This past Monday, Grande Dunes was not ready for us.  Therefore it was decided it is important to call future venues 6 months prior to the Tournament date. Tournament directors should talk to the course to develop rapport and follow up as we get closer to ensure the course is still expecting us.




b. Red tee, may a health issue qualify for a temporary red tee placement.


It was discussed and decided that it is OK for someone to move up to the forward tees on an interim basis due to illness even if they don’t meet the 100(age plus index) requirement.


c. Foursomes must agree on score before next hole. 


Responsibility for correct scores is up to entire foursome not just the two players keeping score so it’s important to agree after each hole.


d. Open discussion


Gary Crumling wanted to know the guideline for picking the three holes for tie breakers.  There isn’t any standard in place, so it was decided Dave Salisch will pick the holes each week.


Once it is established that a player is a “no show”, Dave notifies the representative who notifies the player to give $5.00 to the Tournament Director for the next week he plays.

An inquiry was made as to what would be required for the Super Seniors to have their own flight. Dave commented that if he has ten players they will have their own flight that week.  Also if you qualify under the 100 rule and your index drops you can stay as a Super Senior.


Slow play was also discussed.  Stan Rifkin said to speed up play we should go to “double par” as a maximum score.  Dave Salisch stated we are playing a tournament in accordance with USGA rules, this wouldn’t be allowed.  Fred Welch stated it is important to get the word out on slow play. If you are behind the group in front of you, you must do what is necessary to catch up.  As committee members we are all going to have to tell people when to pick it up, and they can’t take it personally.

IX.  Nomination and election of officers:


The nominating committee of Jerry Koy and Neil Prota had no new candidates and

recommended the current slate of officers.  Phil Evich made a motion to accept the

current slate of officers, Lefty Gomes seconded it. The motion was voted and carried.


Meeting adjourned at 2:10 PM.