Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association

Annual Meeting Minutes


January 14, 2015


I.    Call to order


Mitch Jordan called the annual meeting of the Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association to order at 12:04 PM on January 14, 2015 in the conference room of the Friendly’s Restaurant at 4705 N Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC.


II. Moment of remembrance

A moment of silence was observed for past member golfers who had passed away.          

III. Roll call


Gary Amidon, Secretary had members initial a roster sheet as they arrived.  Ten persons were present in alphabetical order: (PR=Player representative, TD=Tournament Director)


Gary Amidon, Secretary/TD                                      

Jere Arnold, TD                                                         

Gary Crumling, PR/TD                                                                                  

George Griffin, Treasurer                                          

Mitch Jordan, Vice-President/PR/TD            

Ed Kobierowski, PR/TD

John Olson, Rules Chairman/PR/TD             

Charles Radcliff, PR

Ken Rheault, PR/TD                                      

Dave Salisch, Tournament Coordinator/PR/TD



Mitch Jordan had everyone present introduce themselves and give a brief explanation of their position.


IV.  Approval of minutes from last meeting


Dave Salisch made a motion to waive the reading of the minutes from the last meeting.                                                                                        John Olson seconded the motion. It passed unanimously. The minutes were approved as presented on the website.




V.   Treasurer’s Report

Income/Expenses 2014

Income                                                            Budget                        Actual


Balance forward                                 $  300              $  197

Tournament fees                                 $ 4500             $4194

Redeposit                                                                    $  288             


Total                                                                            $4679




CTP Golf Balls                                   $ 2000             $2189             

Administration                                    $ 1100             $ 960              

Annual Meeting                                  $  200              $ 230              

Other, TOC Bag tags                          $      0              $ 382

TOC Prizes                                          See Note*       $  862


Total                                                                            $ 4623


Checkbook balance to 2015                                        $   57


Budget 2014




Beginning Balance from 2013            $   300

Tournament Fees(90 x 50)                  $ 4500


Total                                                    $ 4800




Golf balls for CTP Prizes (40x50)      $ 2200

Administrative                                                $ 1000

Annual Meeting                                  $   250

Other expense (Bag Tags)                   $   390            

TOC Prizes                  See Note*       < $300


Total                                                    $ 4800


*Note: All cash left over is paid out for the Tournament of Champions prizes so checkbook balance is less than $300.


 Dave Salisch moved to accept the Treasurer’s report, Charles Radcliff seconded the motion and it carried.


VI.  Scorer’s Report- Dave Salisch

a)      Schedule for 2015 is complete except for October Diamondback date and replacing Azalea Sands.  It was suggested to move Founder’s Club to the Azalea Sands date and then Gary Crumling would see if Long Bay could replace Founder’s Club in December.  John Olson volunteered for the tournament director needed at Brierwood. The Tournament of Champions will be held at Tiger’s Eye on 11//16/2015.

b)     Dave has a spreadsheet prepared that shows the turnout for each course and total for the year.  In 2013 we had 4400 players signed up with 6 full rain-outs.  In 2014 we had 4800 players with only 3 rainouts. Our active roster of players is 357. Players are dropped if inactive for 12 months. We have birth dates for 337 of the 357 active players.  The 20 missing birth dates will be addressed to the representatives.


c)      The Super Seniors playing from the forward tees is a success. There is enough each week to have there own flight. There are 90 players eligible for the Super Seniors.  26 players have moved up and then moved back. Once again we reminded everyone that players could move from different tees anytime they choose as long as they don’t abuse it. Therefore players that have played different tees during the year have the right to play any tees they wish during the TOC that they were eligible to play.


d)     Tournament Directors should let the course know that this is a Tournament but it is not the US Open, meaning pin placements should be reasonable which helps speed of play. In addition the Tournament Director should give the recommended course yardage from their instruction sheet.


e)       A new player must play once as a guest prior to being eligible for prizes. Even if the player has an acceptable USGA handicap index, he must be on the league roster.



VII.    Voting Items-Issues previously submitted with a plan to be voted upon.


a)      Allow the board to appoint a volunteer to fill the position of an elected officer that has to resign. In the event a current officer has to resign, the officers can appoint a replacement. Gary Crumling moved to accept and George Griffin seconded.  It was voted upon and carried.



b)      Gary Amidon read a quote from an article that Alan Blondin had written in the Sun News. In the article Alan was giving tournament options on the Grand Strand i.e. Passport and National Golf Management. He quoted the following: “There are also groups such as the Grand Strand Senior Men’s Golf Association that hold weekly outings that won’t have quite the same competitiveness – and that group regularly attracts more that 100 players a week”. 


The discussion at the meeting is that we are more than just “outings”.  It was agreed that Mitch Jordan would make arrangements for Alan Blondin to be invited and play as a guest in one of our upcoming tournaments at which time he can form his own opinion.


c)      Scorecards.  Please emphasize to players that scorecards need to be dropped off to the scoreboard prior to going to the parking lot.


d)     Safe ready golf.  Once again slow play was discussed.  Grande Dunes was a 5:15 hour round. Gary Crumbling suggested to speed up play we should go to three over par for a maximum score.  Dave Salisch stated we are playing a tournament in accordance with USGA rules, this wouldn’t be allowed.  No real solution was forthcoming.


e)      Thunder: At the 2014 meeting a motion was passed and carried that the TD needs to coordinate with the course if he is canceling a tournament and then pass the word to the players.  If the course has Thunder and/or lightning then this would fall under last year’s motion on what to do when canceling a tournament.

IX.  Nomination and election of officers:


The nominating committee of Tony Languell and Bruce Thompson had no new candidates and recommended the current slate of officers.  Dave Salisch moved to accept the current slate of officers, Ken Rheault seconded it. The motion was voted and carried.




Gary Amidon moved to adjourn the meeting.  Ken Rheault seconded.  The motion was voted upon and carried.


Meeting adjourned at 1:25 PM