The name of the Association shall be the Grand Strand Senor Men’s Golf Association, hereinafter referred to as the GSSMGA




The objective of this GSSMGA is to promote friendly competition and good fellowship in golf among senior men players in the group.




SECTION 1 –Membership shall be open to those men who are 50 years of age or older who reside on Grand Strand and who are amateur golfers in accordance with USGA requirements. Professional golfers may participate but only as guests on a space available basis. .


SECTION 2 –There shall be enough player representatives to provide adequate player coverage for the entire Grand Strand




Section 1 – Officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The President shall appoint a Tournament Coordinator and a Rules Chairman or any other committee he feels will prove helpful in operating the tournaments.


SECTION 2 – Officers shall be elected at an annual meeting of the Executive Committee. Their term shall be one year.


SECTION 3 – The President shall preside over the annual meeting and any additional necessary meetings. He shall make such minor operational decisions that may be required at tournaments. He shall assure the Association holds an annual meeting. He will appoint a Nomination Committee a minimum of two months before the annual meeting.


SECTION 4 – The Vice President shall assume the duties of President in his absence or due to his inability to perform his duties.


SECTION 5 – The Secretary shall keep the minutes of any formal meetings and notify the board of any communications received concerning the Association. Is responsible for notifying the media of tournament results and handling any other communications effecting the Association.


SECTION 5 – The Treasurer shall maintain the treasury and shall receive all monies due the Association. He will pay all bills due for the Association. He shall summarize the financial condition of the Association at the annual meeting.


SECTION 6 - The Tournament Coordinator/Scorer, although not an officer, shall prepare the schedule of tournaments determined by the player representatives after the annual meeting. He may also schedule any additional tournaments which may become possible and desirable during the tournament year. He will also monitor Tee movement.


SECTION 7 – The Rules Chairman, although not an officer, shall be responsible for assuring that members adhere to the USGA Rules of Golf. He shall coordinate his activities with the President as a means of tempering decisions in areas of judgment.


SECTION 8 – Players Representatives shall be appointed to represent a good mix of areas of the Grand strand.


SECTION 9 -The positions named in Sections 3 through 8 are considered the Executive Committee of the GSSMGA.




The GSSMGA shall conduct tournaments on Monday mornings as approved by the player representatives and as scheduled by the Tournament coordinator/Scorer.


There will be individual medal play with gross and net winner per flight. Tournaments shall normally be conducted in a minimum of 3 flights.  Additional flights may be established depending on the total number of players by Tee and handicap and to insure that there is an equitable field.


 Each Player Representative shall have an established quota for all tournaments determined by mutual agreement of the Executive Committee. This quota will establish the maximum number of players who may participate in any tournament. Player Representatives may exceed their quota if other representatives do not fill their quota.


 Each tournament shall have a Tournament Director who is generally a player representative or any other member so designated by the President or his designee.


 Play shall be governed by USGA rules, any local course rules and GSSMGA  
Rules and procedures.


 Electronic Communication (E-Mail), and the Web Page will be used as the primary means of intra-league communication.  They will be used for league communication/issues only.  Jokes or other types of personal information will not be sent using the GSSMGA mail group. Access to the mail group listing will be limited to those individuals authorized by the president or his representative.  Names and other information concerning league members and the mail group listing itself will not be given out, sold, bartered or traded under any circumstances.  Contents of the Association mail group will be disclosed only as required by law.


Policies and Procedures – See Appendix 1



ARTICLE VI – Dissolution of the GSSMGA.

            In the event the Association must be dissolved, all assets (any bank accounts and real property that has been acquired will be donated to an organization that promotes golf such as the First Tee of Brunswick and Horry counties or the USGA.




            The Association shall hold an annual meeting in January of each year and at the call of the President.  The purpose of the annual meeting is to accomplish the following:

10    Conduct a roll call of all Player Representatives.

20    Read and approve the minutes of the previous year’s meetings...

30    Read and approve the financial report for the previous year.

40    Discuss Old Business

50    Discuss any New Business

60    Conduct an election for officers of the Association.

70    Discuss preliminary tournament scheduling for the current year and beyond

            8.  The by Laws and Policies and Procedures will be reviewed and republished, as necessary, at least every 2 years.





Amendments to the by-laws may only be made at the Annual Meeting by a simple majority of the Executive Committee in attendance.  Proposed amendments shall be submitted in writing to the President prior to the meeting and introduced as New Business.



By Laws re-written January, 2010

By Laws updated and rewritten January 2012

By Laws revised January, 2013