1.  Scoring

a. Players are responsible for the accuracy of the scores they turn in to the tournament director.  Players will keep scores on a backup card, in the second golf cart.  Players in the group will reconcile any differences before signing and turning in the official scorecard.

  1. Legibility of score cards is very important to the tournament director.  He may, at his discretion, disqualify a group if the score card cannot be read.
  2. Scorecards will have the GROSS and Net scores, scorers signature and attesting signature.  Cards that do not have a net score will only be eligible for Gross score prizes.  Once cards are turned in, they may not be retrieved for correction

          2.  No show players.  Players are considered to be a no show if they do not check in at the pro shop and are ready to play 10 minutes prior to the published start time or, fail to make the appropriate notifications.  The Tournament Director, at his discretion, may deny the member the right to play that day and the member will be considered a “No Show”. Notification rules for player cancellations are as follows:  Thursday or Friday – contact your Player Rep, Saturday or Sunday – Contact your Player Rep and the Tournament Director, Monday – contact the golf course.  

     3.  Prizes.  Prizes will be awarded by the tournament director when all scores have been posted on the master score sheet and verified.  Players are reminded to turn in their scorecards and keep away from the scoring area until the tournament director is ready to award prizes.  The TC/S may establish as many flights as needed to insure an equitable distribution of players. Each flight will compete for prizes only with the players in their respective flight.  Any “No Show” player is ineligible for any prize until the no show assessment, per occurrence, of $5.00 is settled prior to start of play.

  1. Pace of Play

a. A group should be able to complete a round in 4 ½ hours.

  1. Keep up with the group in front of you
  2. Play “Ready Golf” .If there is a slow player a group; it is the group’s responsibility to insure that the slow player picks up the pace. Failure to maintain the appropriate pace is reason for disqualification. The TD should record the time


  1.  SUPER SENIORS:  A group, the “super seniors”, has been established for players who have attained an Association combined index of 100 or better.  The criteria is a combination of age + handicap index=100>.  The Super Senior group will compete amongst other players in that group for both low gross and low net prizes unless there are not enough total players in the group to insure competition.  If that situation occurs, the TC/S may mix the group with the appropriate handicap gold tee group. The Super Senior group will compete with all senior tee players for proximity prizes. Movement to the forward tees is voluntary.  Movement back to the Gold tees will be approved on a case by case basis by the TC/S.

          Tee Selection – - Players may move from the one set of tees to another set of tees any time during the year except on tournament day.  Movement between tees will be monitored by the TC/S to insure there is no abuse of this policy.

  1. Distance Measuring Devices – This section qualifies as our local rule allowing devices that measure or gauge distance ONLY.
  2.  Tournament Fees – Entry Fees (green fees, cart fees and prize fees) are on a CASH ONLY BASIS.

8.      Appropriate Dress – Players are expected to dress in appropriate golfing attire when playing with the Association.  Jeans, cutoff pants and tee shirts, etc., are not considered appropriate attire.

9.   Cell Phones – Cell phones should not be taken on the golf course during tournament play.  If taken on the course, they will be used for outgoing emergency calls only. The one exception is cell phones that have a GPS distance measuring device in the phone.  It may be used for only that purpose.

10.  Caddies/non participants are not allowed.


            TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR:  Instructions on the conduct of all tournaments are in each Tournament ‘Directors instruction packet.

            1.  The Tournament Director will annotate on the master scoring sheets, the time the card was received from the first group to finish the round.  He will use 45 minutes as a guideline as to whether or not a player or group of players should be disqualified (DQ).  The final decision on DQ of a player or group is at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

  1. Place a note in the Treasure’s envelope or annotate the envelope with the names of any no shows for the tournament.  In the event that is not practical, an email may be sent to the Treasurer.
  2. The Tournament Director may have his tournament fees refunded at the end of play.  He should take the $6.00 from the Treasurers envelope after annotating that fact on the envelope.
  3. Players who have not signed up to play in the prescribed manner (walk-ons) must pay a $1.00 fee to the Tournament Director prior to the commencement of play that day.



            TOURNAMENT COORDINATOR/SCORER (TC/S):                                                              1. Apply Equitable Stroke control (ESC) to all scores turned in prior to input in the computer.                                                                                                                                             

            2.  Do all the necessary paperwork (scorecards, master scoring sheets etc.) prior to each tournament.                                                                                                                                                       3.  Designated the E-Mail Postmaster and Webmaster - Updates and maintains the GSSMGA Master Roster E-mail listing of all players as provided by the Players Representatives. Includes the Name, E-mail address, Telephone number, and date of birth and Player representatives’ name. Maintains the Association website.

            4.  Will monitor the tee selection policy to insure there is no abuse of movement.

            5.  Will establish a cutoff date each year for qualifying for the Tournament of        Champions.


  1. Insure that players lists submitted to the TC/S are accurate and contain only those names of members who are playing.  Notification of the appropriate people regarding cancellations must be made in a timely manner. 
  2. It is suggested that Player Reps have an alternate for periods when they will be absent (vacation etc.)
  3. Insure that important League information is passed on to the members that you represent.
  4. Follow up on the listing of ‘No Show” players from your club and keep the    Treasurer up to date on the status.
  5.  Must have a valid e-mail address and is encouraged to use his e-mail for communicating with the players he represents.
  6.  Maintains the Email listing for his players and keeps the TC/S informed of any changes to the listing.  As a minimum, the listing will include the players name,  validation of a player’s USGA handicap index, if appropriate, E-mail address, Telephone number and date of birth (to validate age for placement in the Super Senior group.

       Each player will be notified of the GSSMMGA web site ( and instructed that important information is disseminated through the website and/or the GSSMGA E-mail group and those players should become familiar with the By-Laws and GSSMGA rules and Procedures that are listed on the website.  



            CRITERIA FOR HANDLING QUALIFYING PLAYERS WHEN THE COURSE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PAYERS HAS BEEN EXCEDED FOR OUR TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS: The following criteria will be used to establish entry criteria.  1.  Players with multiple wins sorted by number of wins.  2.  Then, Individual winners, 3. Then total rounds played during the current year, 4. Then, Total rounds played (Max 300).

*** Rounds played do not count for No Card (NC), Disqualified (DQ) or Did Not Finish (DNF). 


1.      “Through the Green”- The whole area of the course except the teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played and all hazards on the course.

 “Preferred lie”- Players may improve their lie, within 1 club length, no closer to the hole, either by rolling the ball or “lifting, cleaning and replacing”, the players choice.  Improvement of lies will be in your own fairway, or through the green at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

 Super Seniors Group – Those players with a combination of age + Association handicap index 100>=.