Officers present:


Jimmie Fox, Vice President Dave Salisch, Tournament Director

George Griffin, Treasurer John Olsen, Rules Chairman

Lefty Gomes, Secretary



Reps present:


Jimmie Fox Jerry Nadley

Dave Salisch Fred Hohorst

Ed Wilson Bill Philbin

Bob Cantwell Alan Swansa

Gary Amidon John DeBona

Tony Hurst Don Clark





1. Reading of 2008 minutes

2. GSSMGA history

3. By-Laws

4. Moment of silence for deceased members

5. Treasurer’s report

6. General business

a. Have reps encourage members to use web site

b. Course prices, contracts

c. Election of officers



VP called meeting to order, moment of silence for members who have passed away.


Secretary read 2008 minutes of annual meeting. Motion to accept minutes as read, approved unanimously.




Treasurer’s report


Beginning balance checking $1,127.03


No show fees $75.00

Golf fees $4,530.00

Rainout prize money refund $408.00

Total income $4,983.00



Golf balls $1,916.79

Administrative supplies $1,423.54

Prizes $1,320.00

TOC bag tags $464.11

Course reps luncheon $170.00

Total expense $5,294.44

Checkbook balance 12/31/08 $815.59


Calendar year 2009 budget:


90 Players per week x 50 weeks $4,500.00

No show fees $70.00

Total income $4,570.00



Administrative costs $1,500.00

Golf balls $700.00

Reps luncheon $200.00

TOC gift certificates **

** all money from checking except

$300 contingency fee


Treasurer stressed that he is only concerned with the money from “no show” not the reason behind the no show.


John DeBona gave a brief history of the association, he has been associated with the group since 1990. The principal purpose is to promote friendly competition and good fellowship in golf among senior men players in the group. Members must be 50 years of age and are a member of various Grand Strand area golf clubs. Golf play will be in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf.


Geo. Griffin gave an update on the By-Laws, first update was 2003 to include 6 flights, low gross and low net in each flight, if insufficient players, we will use less flights.


No shows will be subject to a fine of $5. If fine is not paid, player is not eligible to participate in prizes. A “no show” is any member who has signed up to play in any tournament he then fails to appear for the event. Player must sign in at least 10 minutes before tee time. Player who does not pay $5 fine shall be prohibited from participation in next tournament.


Dave will make available list of participating clubs.


Quota of players will remain the same between 120 to 144 players.


Reps should notify Geo. of “no shows” and who paid or did not pay. Reps do not have to give reason for “no show”, just money.


Players who do not show up on time create a problem with the shot-gun start.


Motion to accept update on By-Laws, approved unanimously.


Geo. will endeavor to set up procedures and starting holes, this all done by computer. One suggestion to have only one foursome on par three to eliminate slow play.


Beginning with the tournament after 1/1/09, Dave will institute the +++Equitable Stroke Control+++ procedure for handicaps. ESC keeps an exceptionally bad hole from changing a players’ handicap index too much. ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the players Course Handicap. There is no limit to the number of holes on which a player can adjust his score.


Example of Equitable Stroke Control


Course Maximum number posted

Handicap on any hole

9 or less Double bogey

10 through 19 7

20 through 29 8

30 through 39 9

40 and above 10


Dave will go through all the score cards to ensure that ESC will be applied. He asked reps to help by making players aware of how important neat and legible score cards must be. Players must record their actual scores on the cards and not the ESC score.


Motion to adopt ESC, approved unanimously.


Our club plays by the USGA rules of golf, except for rolling the ball over in the fairway or through the course. A provisional ball must be played if the player believes he is out of bounds or the ball may be lost outside of a water hazard. You can search for a ball a maximum of five minutes, after which time a ball is lost.


Discussion of a ball in a water hazard, the easiest relief is to drop a ball within two club lengths from the point ball last crossed the margin of the hazard, no closer to the hole.

Recording closest to the pin, show in feet and inches only.


When searching for a ball that is covered over with debris, the ball may be limited to identify it, but must be replaced and the lie recreated.


Everyone in the foursome is responsible for enforcing the rules of golf.


Geo. asked if we will be able to have our handicaps playable at other courses. Dave will work on this. Normally our handicaps are not transferable because we do not enter other score in our handicap system.


Dave gave new web site “”


Reps should encourage course management to have more rangers on the course to eliminate slow play.


Green fees will remain at $35 plus $6 for prizes total $41 maximum. Players do not have to tip bag attended since gratuity is already included in $6.


Motion to limit green fees to $35, approved unanimously.


Players are reminded that it is unsportsmanlike to pull a ball out of a hole with the head of a club.


Election of Officers:


Fred Welch President

Jimmie Fox Vice President

Geo. Griffin Treasurer

Lefty Gomes Secretary

Dave Salisch Tournament Director

John Olsen Rules Chairman


Motion: Election of above officers, approved unanimously.


Players should be encouraged to stay away from the scorer’s table when scores are being posted. We should have only one player recording and one player giving out the scores.


Motion to adjourn, approved unanimously.


Next meeting: Wednesday, January 6, 2010, 12 p.m. Friendly’s