Officers present:

Fred Welch President Dave Salisch Tournament Coordinator

Jimmy Fox Vice President John Olson Rules Chairman

George Griffin Treasurer

Lefty Gomes Secretary


Reps present:

Fred Welch, Bay Tree

Fredi Hohorst, River Hills

Jimmy Fox, Myrtlewood

Bill Philbin, Myrtle Beach National

John Olson, Sea Trail

Jim Fenner

Dave Salisch, Sea Trail

Frank Godzwa

John DeBona, Woodland Valley

Bob Cantwell, Black Bear

Gary Amidon , Arrowhead

Jerry Nadley, River Oaks

Don Clark, Carolina Shores




Call to order

Moment of silence

Minutes, 2009

Treasurer’s report

General business

  1. Change meeting date to 2nd Wednesday in January

  2. Gold/white tee adjustment for medical reasons

  3. Roll the ball through the green

  4. Lost ball

  5. Closest to the pin

  6. By Law approval

  7. Nomination of officers for 2010

  8. Election of officers

  9. Adjourn


Pres. Called meeting to order, a moment of silence was observed for our departed members


Reading of the 2009 annual minutes was waived.


Treasurer’s Report

George Griffin presented a report on the financial condition of the Association


Beginning balance, Checking $ 815.59


Golf fees 3,933.00


Total income $ 4,748.59





Golf Balls $ 942.32

Prizes 1,540.00

Administration 1,152.81

Meeting Expenses 228.49

Total expenses $3,863.62


Checkbook balance 12/31/2009 $ 884.97



Budget for calendar year 2010


80 players per week X 50 weeks $4,000

Total income $4,000



Administration costs $1,500

Golf balls 2,000

Annual Meeting Expenses 200

TOC gift certificates ##

## All remaining funds except for $300 contingencies


Treasurer stressed that he is only concerned with the money from *no show*

Not the reason behind the no show. No shows were down considerably from last year. Our emphasis and compliance of the no show policy is paying off.


Treasurer’s report accepted unanimously.


Pres: Recommended that we change the annual meeting to the second Wednesday of January . This motion was approved.

The annual meeting will be held January 12, 2011.


Pres: Discussed the use of our website.


Dave: Passed out a list of Club Representatives, which included the telephone numbers and E-mail addresses.


Pres: Gold/White tee adjustment for medical reasons. Exceptions to the October move-up rule will be granted for medical reasons.


There was discussion of the definitions of our “local rules” relating to how preferred lies were to be addressed and implemented. The term, “roll the ball” will no longer be used in this league.


The appropriate term to use will be “Lift, Clean and Place”. The local rule relating to lift, clean and place was further defined as follows: “Player must mark the ball, lift and clean the ball and place it within 1 club length of the mark, no closer to the hole, without putting it on a putting green or in a hazard.”


We further identified the two situations where lift, clean and place was authorized, EITHER “Closely mowed areas” (fairway, fringe) OR “thru the green” (The whole area of the course except The teeing ground and putting green of the hole being played and all hazards on the course)


The definitions outlined above will appear on our website, under the menu item “GSSMGA Procedures 2009”


These rules were passed unanimously, although after they were passed, further explanation was needed to insure that all present understood the new terminology and use.


The tournament director will decide which of the two rules we will use when taking relief.


The embedded ball rule will be in force “thru the green”. Our procedures document also defines this rule.


Pres: Any eligible player can qualify for closest to pin.


George: By-laws, extensive discussion on new local rules, but mainly two items, “No show” and ”Procedures and Policies”. The by-laws are now on our website.


Motion to accept by-laws, accepted unanimously



Don Clark: Discussed the recent event played at Lockwood Folly. A motion to drop Lockwood Folly from our schedule, accepted unanimously.


Members discussed the 30 minute show up rule. It was decided the rule remain as is. Reps should refer to procedures for this policy.


Gary Amidon: Discussed the possibility of rewarding the members who played the most during the year. A cup or other trophy, similar to the Fedex cup could be presented to the players. Gary is to working on this and will make a detailed presentation at our next meeting.


Pres: Election of officers, all the present officeholders are seeking re-election. Motion to elect , approved unanimously. Fred Welch, Jimmy Fox, George Griffin, Lefty Gomes. Dave Salisch and John Olson were also approved. Dave and John’s positions are not technicality “officer”, but treat them as such.


Pres: Motion to adjourn, accepted unanimously.