Location: Friendly’s Restaurant, 17 Business, Myrtle Beach


Officers, Reps and members present:

(Alphabetical order)


Gary Amidon , Arrowhead

Bob Cantwell, Black Bear

Don Clark, Carolina Shores

Gary Crumling, Myrtle Beach National

John DeBona, DeBona’s Nomads

Jimmy Fox, Vice-President, Myrtlewood

Frank Godzwa

Lefty Gomes, Secretary

Fredi Hohorst, River Hills

John Olson, Rules Chairman

Roger Reid, Aberdeen

Dave Salisch, Tournament Coordinator, Sea Trail

Ed Wilson, Indigo Creek

Fred Welch, President, Bay Tree


Officers and Reps not present :

George Griffin, Treasurer

Jack Davison, Arrowhead

Ed Kobierowski, Brunswick

Mitch Jordan, Island Green

John Stokley, Long Bay

Jerry Nadley, River Oaks


-Meeting called to order by President, Fred Welch.


-Moment of silence for Alan Swanson, who recently died and all departed members throughout the years.


-The 2010 Minutes were approved.


-Treasurer’s report was handed out as shown below:


Beginning balance, Checking $ 884.97


Tournament fees 3,360.00

Total income $ 4,244.97


Scorer’s expenses $ 803.58

Club Reps. Meeting 225.00

Golf balls 1695.50

Prizes, TOC 1230.00


Total expenses $ 3,954.08


Checkbook balance 1/11/2011 $ 290.89


Treasurer’s report accepted unanimously.


-President announced that Lefty Gomes will be part of rules committee with John Olson and Gary Amidon has volunteered to be Secretary.


General Business:


Ed Wilson suggested a change in White/Gold tee format. Dave Salisch commented that he has been experimenting with White flights and Gold flights for a couple weeks. The only negative feedback is that higher handicap White tee players would have a hard time winning Low Gross. However after discussion, they still have a good chance for Low Net. The new format with separate flights for White and Gold gives everyone a chance at all prizes, unlike previously where Gold players couldn’t win Low Gross in A and B Flights. A motion was made to have White tees and Gold tees flighted separately. It passed 13 to 1.


Discussion also addressed when players could change from Gold to White or vice versus.

Dave Salisch stated players could change back and forth outside of the October time frame, but players would not be allowed to abuse this. A one month time frame before changing would be acceptable. No one can change tees on game day.


Change of annual meeting date was discussed but it was decided to keep it at the 2nd Wednesday in January. If a meeting is needed during the year it could be handled by email or a meeting called after one of the Monday’s tournaments.


Closest to the pin was brought up for discussion due to some complaints that some members don’t feel they have a chance to win. There was discussion but no idea how to make any change to it so it was agreed to leave as is. It was also discussed to give out only one sleeve of either better balls or one sleeve of existing balls to save money, instead of the current two sleeves being given out. A motion was made and seconded to give out only one sleeve of existing balls. It was voted down 9 to 5. The two sleeves of existing balls will continue for Closest to the Pins.


The present practice of Lift, Clean and Place is causing problems for players who have difficulty bending down. It was discussed that we can’t change USGA rules. However USGA does allow for Preferred Lies. A motion was made and seconded to allow Preferred Lies which would mean it’s OK to roll the ball or lift, clean and place. The Tournament Director for the day will determine whether it’s in your own fairway or thru the green depending on conditions for the day. The motion passed unanimously.


Frank Godzwa wanted to discuss an award of cash for a hole in one to help defray the cost of the player getting one and buying drinks afterwards. The present treasury does not have funds for that and the board didn’t want to assess members any more than they are paying now. After further discussion, it was decided that since it doesn’t happen that often we would table the discussion. Another item brought up was to award longest putt, but it was decided it would be hard to keep track of and again tabled.


Some of the clubs we play at want to “Reverse Tee” which means we would have a partial shotgun and they can still tee off other players. This has become an issue due to some of our smaller turn outs. Once Dave knows the number of players for a particular tournament, he normally calls the club on Thursday and gives them the numbers. The club can then determine whether to give us the entire course or not.


Slow play was also discussed again. Players coming in 45 minutes after the 1st group in will continue to be disqualified. Dave attempts to put some of the slower players in groups of three. Please encourage people to play “ready” golf.

Representatives should continue to encourage their players to use the website.


Election of officers: Fred Welch, President, Jimmy Fox, Vice-President, George Griffin, Treasurer, Gary Amidon, Secretary plus Dave Salisch, Tournament Chairman, John Olson, Rules Chairman and Lefty Gomes, Rules committee.


A motion made and seconded to accept officers and committee members and then passed unanimously.



Motion to adjourn, accepted unanimously.